BBC Connect is a freeware BBC Micro and Electron emulator front-end for Windows.

BBC Connect supports:
  • BeebEm, B-Em and PcBBC - BBC Micro emulators
  • ElectrEm - Electron emulator
BBC Connect provides a graphical interface to a user managed software database, enabling:
  • input and editing
  • scrolling access
  • sort by title and publisher
  • selection and execution
  • access to the BBC Microcomputer User Guide's complete Basic Keyword system
  • access to all major disk image file standards
  • direct access to Internet archived disk images
  • automatic downloadable Internet database

Download the latest version BBC Connect 2.2
Download version BBC Connect 2.1
Download version BBC Connect 2.0

Backup up your existing  bbc.mdb and bbc.ini files. Then unzip the installation file, retaining the folder structures, to your preferred installation folder, e.g. c:\bbc connect\.

Download the
latest readme.txt for further information.

BBC Connect downloads automatically the latest Internet database.

Here is a collection of useful links

For the latest developments see the work in progress page.

(c) Brian Jones 2001, 2006