BBC Connect Project Status

This page provides an update on work in progress and information on released versions

Version Development Status
2.3   XML database to replace Access.
Conversion utility included.
In progress
2.2 Service release dealing with XP patches issues.
B-Em properties bug removed.
2.1 Database:
* Internet database supports Stairway to Hell disk, tape and "Collection" archives.
* Automatic check for updated Internet database and option to download.
* Bug in create new database routine removed.
2.0 Tested and supports Win98, Win2000 and WinXP.
File system:
* Support for B-Em.
* 8 Bit Software archives database updates.
* Stairway to Hell archive database
* Internet connectivity routines recoded.
* Option to save downloaded disk images.
* BeebEm loads disk0.ssd as default disk image (thanks to Paul Field).
* bbc.ini file access recoded.
* Option to check for updated Internet database and download.
* Grid selection is optimised, includes Publisher and Software Title only. Genre is phased out (apols).
1.92 File system:
* Internet links to:
  - 8 Bit Software archives -
  - Stairway to Hell archives - 1480+ disk images.
1.9 File system:
* Internet connectivity.
* A common access interface established for local and Internet based data.
* Internet links to:
  - 8 Bit Software archives (thanks to Chris).
  - BBC Lives! archives (thanks to Robert).
  - Dave's Emulator Page archives (thanks to Dave).
  - Only the Best BBC Software archives.
  - Stairway to Hell archives (thanks to Dave) delayed due to impending site redesign.
* Debugged routines for processing various disk image formats.

File system:
* Developmental Internet access - basic URL and File menu. A common access interface will be explored from BBC Connect 1.9 onwards. Significantly, any Web site may be accessed through HTTP. Thanks to Robert at BBC Lives! for his contribution.
* Zipped "standard archive" (see BBC Lives!) file format is processed for BBC emulators. Note, a number of files do not comply with any apparent standards within this archive.
* Directory view (catalogue) of 31 and 62 file .BBC, .DSD, .IMG and .SSD disk images (option to view in-game and scanned box images remains as default).
* Option to rename disk titles.
* Option to modify *OPT4 settings.
* User interface updated.

1.7 File system:
In addition to the .SSD and .UEF file formats:
* .BBC file format is processed for pcBBC.
* .DSD file format is processed for BBC emulators.
* .IMG file format is processed for BBC emulators, option to save updates on non-zipped disk images.
* .ZIP file decompression is implemented for .BBC, .DSD, .IMG and .SSD  files.
* Option to create 200Kb .IMG files for read and write access.
1.6 Startup: initialisation sequence recoded.
Help system: updated.
1.5 Desktop: redesigned and optimised.
Help system: restructured and re-edited.
File system: .JPG and .GIF files recognised.
Database: option to save sorted data fields on exit.
New record: desktop option.
1.4 Includes a version of the BBC Microcomputer User Guide's Basic Keywords system, accessible through Help.
1.3 * Supports ElectrEm and the .UEF format.
* Debugged and streamlined database management system.
* Expanded help file.
1.2 * A unified file set for Win98 and Win2000.
* The project remains untested on other Windows platforms.
* Reduced setup file.
1.1 The first public release of BBC Connect. 
A graphical interface (1024 x 768 optimised) to a user managed software database, enabling:
* input and editing.
* scrolling access.
* sort by title, genre and publisher.
* selection and execution.
Supports BeebEm and pcBBC.
Supports the .SSD file format.
Separate installation versions for Win98 and Win2000.